G-Form Introduces Pro-Rugged Guards

It’s been a busy couple of years at G-Form and its ever-expanding line of soft flexible armor. Protection for biking, skating, soccer, baseball, softball, snow… you name it.

G-Form Pro-Rugged knee kads

The idea of wearable armor that stiffens upon impact while promising better mobility was almost too good to be true in the beginning, but it has since proven its place in the sea of protective gear. G-Form’s newest offering, the Pro-Rugged elbow and knee guards, represents the company’s fourth iteration of its popular production, and there is a lot to be liked.

The pro-rugged features a similar construction in that contoured XRD pads are strategically placed in high impact areas while users wear it like a pull-on sleeve. In this case, the Pro-rugged uses double-knit compression fabric panels and a ventilated mesh back panel to keep cool and dry. There are grippers on the top and bottom to keep the pad in place but new on the Pro-rugged is an adjustable strap on top of the knee guard for additional security.

G-Form Pro-Rugged elbow pads

The XRD pads follow roughly the same general SmartFlex shaping as their existing guards, but it’s been reworked with the introduction of Armortex fabric that encapsulate the pads inside for improved durability against tearing and catching when one has the opportunity to meet dirt. The Pro-Rugged guards are machine washable, CE 1621-1 certified. The Pro-rugged knee pads are available today for $79.99 while the $69.99 elbow version will be available later. A full review is on the way so stay tuned!