Colnago, Adidas, and size? Triple Team

Not very often do we see a three-way collaboration, but Colnago, Adidas Originals and British footwear retailer size? are doing just that.


TL;DR: Colnago is releasing a limited edition, 105 of them to be exact, of their iconic steel Master frameset. Adidas is dropping two equally unique Trimm Star and Kamanda sneakers that celebrate the classic and modern aesthetics of Colnago and Adidas… and size? will be the exclusive retailer for them kicks.

Adidas Colnago size? Trimm Star Adidas Colnago size? Kamanda

No price on the Master Frameset yet, but the classy Trimm Star will retail for £90 while the decidedly modern looking Kamada will be £120. Both shoes will be available in stores and online at size? on December 29th.

Get Your Wrap On With The Adidas Zonyk Pro

Photo: Jim Merithew/

My Adidas and me
we get around together,
rhyme forever
and we won’t be mad
when worn in bad weather
My Adidas…


The new Adidas Zonyk Pro sunglasses tick off all my boxes for a great pair of bicycle sunglasses.

The Zonyk Pros have an impressive field of view, crispy optics and an improved lens swapping/switching system over previous offerings from Adidas.

Throw in a cozy, yet secure fit, a sweat guard, which may be more wishful thinking than utilitarian, and some big bold styling and these are totally worthy of the classic RUN DMC rap.

The Zonyk comes in two sizes to help customize your fit and are advertised to be made from Earth friendly material. We chose the bold Solar Red pair to add a touch of shabang to our kit.

If red’s not your thing, however, Adidas also makes the Zonyk in eight different frame/lens color combos such as this understated Coal with blacked out logos.

Speaking of lenses, Adidas threw the book at giving just about any option imaginable: Polarized, mirror, LST (Light Stabilizing Technology to increase contrast and limit flutter) and VARiO, Adidas’ take on photochromatic lenses. A clip-in insert for prescription lens is also available.

Photo: Stephen Lam/