Cane Creek Give You eeWings

Cane Creek titanium eeWings
Photo: Cane Creek

At $2.64 per gram, Cane Creek’s, 400 gram, $999 titanium crank is definitely not an item that you’ll see on all your buddies’ rigs. But who cares, this brushed titanium beaut is as hot as it is different when just about everyone else, minus Shimano, makes theirs out of carbon fiber.

It’s more than the materials used or its weight, however; Cane Creek claims these 30mm spindled, mountain bike-specific eeWings are 20% to 30% stiffer and will take your unintended abuse (don’t they all?) like a champ where carbon fiber equivalents are likely to break. The eeWings also come with a 10-year warranty for extra peace of mind too.

Now where is the road version?

Check the launch video here: