Save Your Ass. Find the Right Saddle.

Photo: Jim Merithew/

Does your ass hurt when you ride your bike? Or even worse, does it go numb? If so, you probably need a different saddle.

There are a lot of options, but it really comes down to finding the saddle that’s the right width for your sit bones. That’s the part of your pelvis that you actually sit on when you’re riding.

Once you find the right width, then you need to try a bunch of saddles in that range because there are also shape and size options. Most shops are going to have test saddles, which you need to ride around on. Don’t just sit on them in the store. Here at Cykel we have test saddles that you can check out for two weeks at a time.

Remember that the wrong saddle can also cause issues with your overall positioning, so make sure get a proper bike fit one you have your saddle dialed in.

Here’s another tip. Once you have a saddle you like, buy a few to have as backups. Saddle companies are good at discontinuing models out of the blue, which will put you back at square one.