About Element.ly

We’re reporters, photographers and gear heads. We ride bikes in the summer, ski in the winter and hike, backpack, run and other things in between. We created element.ly because we wanted a site for people like us who have varied interests and love to be outside.

The Team

Photo: Jakob Schiller/Element.ly

Jim Merithew

Jim has run award-winning photo departments at the SF Chronicle and WIRED. He is now Marketing Director at Kali Protectives. Motto: “Get after it.”

Photo: Jakob Schiller/Element.ly

Jakob Schiller

Jakob writes about gear and photography for OUTSIDE, and skiing and gear for Powder. He’s also a dad of some renown.

Photo: Jakob Schiller/Element.ly

Keith Axline

Keith is the photo editor at Medium.com and a freelance developer. Formerly the editor of WIRED‘s photography blog, Raw File.

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