Shower Like Peter Sagan

We’ve all been there. You’re watching a bike race and you can’t help but think, “What kind of shower head does Peter Sagan use?” Well, wonder no more. We can now definitively say that he likes the really fancy kind, which handily comes from one of his team’s main sponsors, Hansgrohe.

To celebrate this year’s Tour de France, the German company has released a limited edition one, complete with three settings and Sagan’s own logo printed on top. Our very own Jim Merithew has a problem with that fact, because he says he doesn’t want to think of the Slovakian hosing him down while he’s in the shower. Jim has issues though – inadequacy, maybe? – so I ignored him and installed it anyway.

It’s listed as a hand shower, but after some extensive testing (possibly brought on by a need to feel clean after watching the TV ad campaign featuring the three-time World Champion rinsing himself off in slow-motion) I can report that it works equally well in a shower mount, too. Will it make you faster? No. Do you still want one? Admit it, you do.

Newcomers to the cycling world might be a little confused, but when it comes to weird marketing, no one does it better than the professional peloton. To offer just a few examples: Eddy Merckx used to sell cigarettes. Miguel Indurain really likes chainsaws. The late Marco Pantani swapped his bike for a Citroën for a group ride back in ’98, and everyone’s favorite Dutchman Laurens ten Dam loves a barbecue. There was also an odd pillow fight at the Etixx-QuickStep team a few years back to promote a mattress maker. And of course, Marcel Kittel, aided by his caffeinated coiffure, is currently fighting for strong hair. For this writer’s money though, the G.O.A.T has to be Ivan Basso and Vincenzo Nibali cooking a pair of Sidi shoes. Because Italy.

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