Shred In Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula

Gravel might be the it thing at the moment, and Whistler might be the place where all shredders want to go, but if you want to try a new and different place to ride, how about the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan?

Photo: Pure Michigan

Having lived in California for much of my life, I must admit that I don’t know the ins and outs of Michigan, much less the mountain biking scene there. The video is pretty darn cool and shows what Keweenaw has to offer by following the story of photographer and Keweenaw transplant Chris Gulbert.

“I spent nearly 25 years out west living everywhere from Tuscon, Arizona to north Idaho…” says Gulbert, “and I came up here kind of on a whim, to do research for a story for Powder about Mount Bohemia. I fell in love with the place and had to figure out how to get my girlfriend Amy up here.”