Silca Makes (titanium) drinking straws now

Silca Titanium Straws

I really thought it was a prank for us San Franciscans. And then, I was in disbelief. 

But it’s true. Silca, yes, the Silca that makes some amazing pumps and tools, now sells titanium drinking straws. 

And no, they didn’t batch order them from Alibaba from the Far East.

You see, since Silca started making their Sicuro titanium cages not so long ago they amassed quite a bit of extra tubing.

By modifying their cage manufacturing technique, Silca has 8.5″ of extra tubing per every six cages produced, and what you see here are those exact tubings, anodized, laser engraved and ultrasonically cleaned inside out. With saw kerf now being the only waste, this gives Silca a 99.9% material utilization rate.

Yea, it’s $30 for a pack of two nerdy straws, but they have a pretty good argument here… and available right on time for that holiday gift exchange.