CeramicSpeed Disputes Muc-Off’s Chain Performance Claim

CeramicSpeed UFO Speed Chain
CeramicSpeed UFO Speed Chain

After Muc-Off made headlines claiming their new NTC Nanotube Chain saves 10 watts in a 112-mile Ironman stage over CeramicSpeeds’ UFO Speed Chain, CeramicSpeed is now counterclaiming that Muc-Off’s test results are based on flawed testing protocols.

CeramicsSpeed, in its ever data-driven fashion, has published a 2,000+ word report written by engineer Jason Smith, who developed his own chain treatment formula as well as labortaoy testing procedures before his company Friction Facts was acquired by the bespoke Danish component maker last year.

TLDR version: “Based on what we know of Muc-Off’s testing procedure, we assume this misleading data is caused by incorrect methods of acquiring ‘endurance test’ data. We describe the correct test methods and show the results of a correct test as well as the results of a test recreating the misleading data.” – CeramicSpeed

Read all about it here.

Muc-Off NTC Nanotube Chain