PowerTap Updates Pedal-Based Power Meter

PowerTap P2 Power Meter Pedal

PowerTap first introduced its pedal-based P1 power meter in 2015 and the power-measuring specialist is finally bringing its next generation of power meter pedals, the P2.

At first glance, the P2 doesn’t look all too different from the P1. It’s true because the jump between the P2 to the P1 isn’t very big. It’s more of a refinement.

So what’s new? According to PowerTap, the two biggest differences, besides the cosmetic change from black to silver, is that it’s 34 grams lighter and its batteries are 33% longer-lasting with up to 80 hours of use. 

PowerTap P2 Power Meter Pedal

We were curious about how PowerTap managed to accomplish both feats. So we asked Ryan Birkicht, Marketing Communication Manger at Saris, Powertap’s parent company. 

Could you elaborate on how the weight reduction was made possible? New material? More machining? Getting rid of the black paint? 

The weight reduction was achieved through more machining in the pedal body and the removal of redundant electronics. We had multiple electronics that were measuring the same thing so we were able to remove one of the boards and still achieve the same accuracy and data collection.

The battery life. Was the battery life increase due to new electronics or done on a software level?

The removal of redundant electronics also improved the battery life. With less boards to power, the batteries now go farther and hold a charge for longer.

Besides that, the dual-sided P2 retained the P1’s ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatibility, use of AAA-sized battery, its own triple-bolted cleats that look a whole lot like the Look Keos (but it’s not), a 2-year warranty, and it’s still super easy to install – as there is no difference from installing a pair of regular pedals. The P2 will be available very soon at $899.99 per set.

PowerTap P2 Power Meter Pedal