ENVE’s Entering The Tire Biz

If you missed ENVE’s virtual builder round up two weeks ago, you missed some unreleased items hiding in plain sight. First, there’s this new Adventure Fork with a slick flip chip for adjustable rake, more clearance and accessory mount points (of course)… And then there were tires too. 

You heard that right. ENVE is going into tires. I mean, it makes a lot of sense since integration is all the rage these days, and their competition has been doing just that. 

Since this is the first tire line from the Utah carbon component maker, it’s needless to say an important launch to put their best foot forward. Dubbed the SES Road Tires, they’re designed to be all-around tubeless rubber that rolls with the best in the biz, but also considers weight, reliability and ride quality. 

One small touch that caught our eye is the fact that each tire’s packaging is labeled with the tire’s width when mounted to four different rim internal widths: 19mm, 21mm, 23mm, and 25mm. Yay for eliminating guesswork on tire clearance which is especially helpful given the amount of online shopping consumers do these days.

The SES Road Tires will retail for $75.00 each and the 25c and 29c are available today. The 27c and 31c are slotted for later this year. Will Tufo-manufactured and hookless rim-friendly tires dethrone the perennial favorite, the Continental Grand Prix 5000? Stay tuned for our review soon.

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