There’s A Switch On These New Oakley Shades

There’s nothing worse than foggy sunglasses. Vented lens, anti-fog coating, whatever. If you are like me and happen to sweat a ton on rides then you know how I feel. Terrible. Annoying. And perhaps even a few other choice words.

Oakley’s newest additions, the Flight Jacket and the Field Jacket, have these interesting little levers on their nose pieces dubbed the Advancer. It’s a one-hand operable switch which allows users to pivot the sunglasses away from the face and open air vents at the rubberized nosepiece. Ram air, baby.

Oakley Flight Jacket
Photo: Oakley

The Flight Jacket features an angular silhouette with a brow-less, solo lens design that’s been the rage as of late. In comparison, the Field Jacket has a more traditional twin-lens design compatible with prescription lens.

Oakley Flight Jacket
Oakley Flight Jacket in redline frame with and Prizm Ruby polarized lens. Photo: Oakley

Both models will have Oakley’s trademark slip-free Unobtainium nosepads and earsocks, as well as a variety of lens choices including the activity-optimized Prizm lenses, polarized, and photochromic.

Oakley Field Jacket
Oakley Field Jacket in matte black frame with clear black Iridium photochromic lens. Photo: Oakley

The Flight Jacket is available now from $203-$253 depending on choice of lens and the Field Jacket with photochromic lens retails for $243, with full pricing to be announced.