French Toast Energy Gel For A Good Cause

GU NICA French Toast Gel

I am a sucker for a good french toast and now GU Energy Lab is coming out with a french toast energy gel.

But there’s more to just the flavor. Developed using input from student-athletes from the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) at the company’s Berkeley headquarters, ten percent of all sales of these little gel packs will be donated to NICA with the mission to “build strong minds, strong bodies, and strong character through cycling.”

I guess it’s time to temporarily retire my favorite flavor, toasted marshmallow, and enjoy my toast-craving on demand (for a good cause). The limited-edition NICA french toast gel is available now at $36 for a box of 24 directly from GU.

Happy 25, GU!

It’s been 25 years since GU founder Dr. Bill Vaughan concocted the first gel at his kitchen in Berkeley for his ultra-marathon-running daughter. And they’re now celebrating this milestone with a birthday cake flavored gel. I am serious, a birthday cake flavored energy gel.

It’s made with the same ingredients, but includes just a bit of natural celebratory flavor. They’re available now for $1.50 each, $12 for a box of $12, and $36 for a box of 24.

Happy birthday, GU!