Slam That Stem Further With The Cane Creek SlamSet

Cane Creek SlamSet
Cane Creek SlamSet ZS44/ZS56. Photo: Cane Creek

Some of us go to great lengths to slam that stem for oh so many reasons 1: OH BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO PRO BRUH and 2: because some actually need it to make things fit.

If you’re in those categories, Cane Creek is now shipping their SlamSet headset that is made to have the lowest stack height… as much as 2mm for Zero-Stack headsets and and 4mm for the IS (Integrated System).

To shave away the extra height, Cane Creek redid the upper assembly and reduced sealing materials compared to a standard headset. However, Cane Creek was able to make up for the performance with the introduction of their new stainless-steel Hellbender (it’s a salamander… just like the company logo) bearing that is said to be more durable when exposed to the elements.

Cane Creek SlamSet
Cane Creek IS41 top. Photo: Cane Creek

The SlamSet is available as a solo upper bearing assembly in IS41, IS42 and ZS44, or as a complete headset with lower assemblies in EC44, ZS56, and IS52. Prices start from $49 for a IS41 top to $119 for a complete tapered headset in ZS44/ZS56.