A Fizik Bartape For Every Occasion

Bar tape used to just be a simple roll of leather, colored cork or synthetic foam.

Nowadays, it’s anything but simple. Different thicknesses, textures, and an ever-expanding color palette.

Fizik has been making some very popular bartapes, mostly with its Microtex-backed tapes, and now there’s a major update to the Italian company’s lineup with different materials, profiles, textures, and of course, specific usage because we just need some gravel-specific bartapes. Here come the all-new Vento, Tempo and Terra.


Fizik Vento Solocush and Microtex Tacky

  • Lightweight tape designed for racing and ultimate grip
  • Two levels of thickness: 2mm Microtex and 2.7mm with a single layer of Solocush for bit more comfort.
  • Both will have tacky raised texture for enhanced grip
  • Eight colors for Vento Microtex: Black, White, Red, Orange Fluo, Pink Fluo, Yellow Fluo, Lilla Fluo, Celeste
  • Twelve colors for Vento Solocush: Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange Fluo, Pink Fluo, Yellow Fluo, Lilla Fluo, Celeste
  • $34.99 for Vento Microtex, $39.99 for Vento Solocush


  • Closest look and feel to the outgoing Microtex bartape
  • Two levels of thickness: 2mm perforated Microtex and a 3mm of Bondcush polymer foam layer
  • Perforated with either the leather-like Classic or the Soft Touch texture to choose from
  • Eleven colors for Tempo with Classic surface finish: Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Honey, Silver, Celeste
  • Five colors for Temp with Soft Touch finish: Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange
  • $24.99 for Tempo Microtex, $29.99 for Tempo Bondcush


  • Designed for off-road
  • 3mm thick with a tacky Microtex outer layer bonded to a Bondcush polymer foam underneath, plus a sticky gel backing that replaces the traditional adhesive tape backing while soaking up the off-road chatter.
  • Six colors: Black, White, Red, Dark Blue, Green Blue, Brown
  • $39.99

All of them are also made long enough to put on your favorite aero bars… or on your baseball bat.