Keep Your Steed Safe at Home with Hiplok ANKR

There’s been a rash of break-ins in San Francisco, including not one, but two close friends of ours who had their bikes stolen straight out of their apartments. Infuriating to say the least. 

With that in mind, the idea of putting in a wall/ground anchor to secure my rides has never been so urgent. There are quite a few available, but I’ve been diggin’ Hiplok’s offering, the ANKR, for both its security and aesthetics.

Made to be used in conjunction with chains and locks, the hardened-steel ANKR resembles an oversized metal hockey puck, but with an opening for the lock/chain. There are multiple fixing holes for the four included security screws. Unlike many other permanent designs, the ANKR is designed to be relocated and reused. Perfect for many of us who live in a rental. The ANKR is rated maximum Gold Level Security for bicycle and motorcycle use by Sold Secure when it’s fixed to masonry and concrete.

As many would consider mounting it on walls, the ANKR is topped off with a rubberized bumper on top to prevent scratches. It is available in red, silver or black for $99.99

Lock Your Bike In Style With Hiplok’s Airlok Custom

Hiplok Airlok Custom
Color match your Airlok to your bike

Hiplok’s wall-mounted bike hanger lock has been out for some time since its 2016 Kickstarter phase and undoubtedly takes a different approach to home/office bike security. Who would have known a bike lock could actually be decent looking and be so nicely incorporated in its surroundings?

Offered initially in three standard colors (grey, red, white), the British firm is now ready to take it one step further with customization. It’s dubbed Airlok Custom and features a hardened steel frame wrapped in an impact resisting outer casing, a rubberized slot to place your frame and is secured with a 30mm thick locking bolt. Each Airlok also comes with its own high security hardware to connect it to the wall. 

Hiplok Airlok Custom

We counted 51 colors on the online configurator, but were told that is merely a small sample of what they are capable of, as further color/finish matching is available by contacting Hiplok directly. The Airlok Custom will retail starting at $325.

Hiplok Airlok Custom in rust finish