Hutchinson Adds Touareg For Rowdier Gravel

Hutchinson is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year and what better way to commemorate that milestone than by releasing more tires. It was first the cross-country Kraken, and now it’s the Touareg for the gravel crowd looking for a tire to match the gnar. 

Hutchinson is the only tire company that still manufactures its products in France

With design cues drawn from the brands’ road and off-road categories, the Touareg is slated to be knobbier than the company’s last gravel tire, the road leaning Override, which we love for its surprising amount of grip even with its inherently road-centric design. 

Hutchinson intended for the Touareg to be versatile and robust enough to be ridden on rocks. The Touareg employs a small block design to facilitate multiple contact points on this bi-compound tire, patterned after the Kraken and Skeleton tires on a smaller scale for better on-road performance.

Rolls of Hutchinson’s HardSkin textile reinforcement layer

The rubber sits atop a supple 127tpi casing with its grid-like HardSkin textile reinforcement incorporated bead-to-bead for protection against hostile objects ie: sharp objects, your shitty bunny hop over the curb, etc. It is also tubeless ready, of course. 

The French-made Touareg will be available for $64.99 in three sizes: 700 x 40, 700 x 45, and 650 x 47. The 700 x 40 and 650 x 47 will also come with your choice of black or tan sidewall. Stay tuned for an in-depth review once we get our hands on a pair.