New Abbey Shop Tools For Your Shop, or Home.

Abbey Bike Tools started when founder Jason Quade made a lightweight, one-piece cassette locking tool for a race mechanic friend in 2010. Ten years later, the Bend, Oregon firm has expanded quite a bit since the introduction of what is now better known as the Crombie tool. This tool has been copied and produced by others since then.

While there was a focus on making tools for traveling mechanics, Abbey has been adding more shop tools such as the Harbor dishing gauge that’s machined from a giant aluminum billet. Two additional shop-focused tools are now being added: The $120 Shop Pedal Wrench and the $100 Shop Hammer

At 18 inches long, the Shop Pedal Wrench is six inches longer than the Team Issue and seven inches longer than their original BBQ pedal wrench for better leverage against stubborn pedals. It is made with chromoly steel (versus stainless) coated in black Cerakote, and there is a cutout on the wrench side that can be used to hang the tool on the tool board. We’re certain the cutout also saves a few grams too, though probably not as much as the more dramatically lightened Team Issue. The swivel six and eight mm hex bit, 15mm wrench flat and white oak handle remain the same, however. 

The new stainless Shop Hammer retains the same 12 inch overall length of the titanium-bodied Team Issue brethren. It even shares the same custom ESI grip on its handle, but the shop hammer is about 300 grams heavier, with most of its mass concentrated on its strike head which is about a half inch larger than the one inch head found on the Team Issue. The shop hammer comes standard with a green soft face, but a brass tip is also available. 

Both the Shop Pedal Wrenches and the Shop Hammer are scheduled to be available on May 15th.