Bling Your Derailleur With This Victory Edition CeramicSpeed OSPW

CeramicSpeed Victory Edition OSPW Oversized Pulley Wheel System

When it comes to component upgrades, an oversized derailleur pulley system is probably the last thing most cyclists look for. But that hasn’t stopped it from becoming more popular, especially for those on a mission to squeeze every watt out of their drivetrain or those who simply want to have a little more bling because they can say “my pulley is so much bigger than yours”.

The price to pay for those pesky yet oh so darn cool hoops is pretty far and between these days. You can get one off eBay for about $80, you can get some CeramicSpeed, or you can go all out and get this $1,950 Victory Edition of the already top notch CeramicSpeed OSPW (Oversized Pulley Wheel System)

On paper, it shares the same design and material of the company’s flagship system featuring 3D-printed titanium pulleys loaded with coated race ceramic bearings housed on a carbon reinforced plastic cage with titanium bolts. The difference, with the addition of the $250 upcharge, is the hand-painted, one of a kind pearlescent cage by Ron Jones at Pro Bike Design. Only 25 of these beauts were made, with four already spoken for: One to Tour de France stage-winner Roman Bardet, triathletes Patrick Lange and Mario Mola, and one to the winner of a lucky TdF raffle organized by Ceramic Speed. Available online now on the CeramicSpeed website or at select retailers worldwide.