It’s DAVE From Cal Poly

I was all ready to photograph this wooden bike at the Cal Poly Bike Builders booth when I saw this small-tubed downhill rig chilling front and center. We at don’t cover much downhill but a downhill bike is also not a common sight at NAHBS, either. So I decided to take a look.


Cal Poly Bike Builders is a mechanical engineering club out of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, an uber-competitive public university known for its excellent engineering program that happens to be surrounded with plenty of good riding. I know this well because I really wanted to attend that school.

Besides the main show that is the frame, the student-run club manufactures much of the bike including the brakes’ master cylinders, levers, as well as this very nice sounding bell. 
Plenty of safety wire was used from tying down cables

According to Chris Fedor, the club’s vice president and a 4th year mechanical engineering major, this downhill rig, named D.A.V.E for Downhill Assault Vehicle Extraordinaire, was conceived one week after the 2018 NAHBS.

… to the main suspension pivot

With about 3,000 man-hours of work done by as many as 25 members of the club to manufacture much of the bike from scratch including the use of 3D modeling, FEA, running the CNC machines, and brazing the steel frame together at the fabrication facilities on campus that would make some full-time builders very jealous.

Suspension is handled by a Öhlins coil shock and DH fork..

Needless to say, D.A.V.E is one hell of a student project. The bike has yet to see any trail action, per the members’ agreement of not riding the show bike before NAHBS, but perhaps the lead welder will get first dibs? There’s also rumored to be a long waiting list.

Member-made direct mount stem and a CP (Cal Poly) headset stem cap
Yup, they CNC’d their own platform pedals too.

Rainbows, Cotton Candy And The Unicorn M29

Intense Cycles M29 FRO
Photo: Intense Cycles

Intense Cycles has been long known for their gorgeous (and fast) downhill rigs. And now they’re offering the 29 FRO (For Racing Only) carbon 29er downhill bike to 15 individuals who wants/needs one and is willing to shell out the dough.

Intense M29 FRO
Jack Moir celebrating his second place run aboard a prototype M29 at Fort Williams last year. Photo: Intense Cycles

No specifics on the final specs and price until April 17th (tax day for those of you in the US!) but what we do know is that each bike will be hand-built by the team’s race mechanic to identical specs of what their Factory Racing Team uses (FWIW, the team runs on SRAM drivetrain, Rock Shox suspensions and ENVE wheels/components) and each will be signed off by founder Jeff Steber himself. Better start refinancing your mortgage or sell a few Bitcoins.

Intense Cycles M29 FRO
Photo: Intense Cycles