Bid Adieu To Dried Out Tubeless Sealant With Finish Line

Tubeless tires are great and all but I absolutely loathe dealing with solidified sealant every so often.

Even worse, solidified sealant inside tubulars.

Alas, Finish Line have developed a solution: A sealant that won’t curdle inside the tire on its own (duh.)

Dried sealant (and puncture) sucks.

Developed in conjunction with industrial sealant specialist Multi Seal, the latex and ammonia-free sealant features a DuPont FiberLink Kevlar fiber filler in a liquid suspension that automatically clings to the side of the puncture area to form a physical plug.

Since FiberLink is the part that stops the leak and the fluid in the sealant is merely a carrier, Finish Line is able to design the liquid suspension in such that the liquid will stay in its form throughout the life of the tire. Goodbye dried out sealant.

The non-toxic, hypoallergenic formula is also said to work nicely with carbon rims, is CO2 friendly and water washable. It sure sounds really good and could possibly be a game changer, so stay tuned for our review.

Four sizes will be available: 4-ounce ($8.99), 8-ounce ($14.99 ), 1-liter ($35.99), as well as a monstrous 1-gallon ($139.99) for shops, or anyone who just has a lot of tires.