Roval’s Control SL Team LTD Wheels Are Everything You’ve Asked For

At 1,248 grams complete with tape and valves, Roval’s new Control SL LTD 29er hoops are obviously light but they’re actually lighter than most road wheels.

But being light can only get you so far. Durability and ride quality are just as important. This is especially so for mountain bikes where components are consistently, well, abused.

Starting at the 358-gram asymmetric hookless rim with a 29mm internal and a 4mm flat top at the top of the rim wall that is said to reduce pinch-flats by as much as 22% while the generous internal width increases tire volume and control, plus 29% more impact strength. The rims are then laced with 24 DT Swiss Competition Race spokes accompanied with Pro Lock alloy nipples and equally light Roval hubs running on the ever-dependable DT EXP internals with a 54T star ratchet for a snappy 6.67 degree engagament. It also rolls on sealed ceramic bearings.

What about durability? The prototype wheels have been thoroughly field tested in the grueling World Cups. Also included is Roval’s lifetime warranty and two years of no fault crash replacement policy free of charge. How’s that for an extra peace of mind?