A Reusable Bike Box That Won’t Break The Bank

BikeFlights reusable bike box

I know it’s just a cardboard box, but in between shipping bikes back and forth and the occasional travel, I really appreciate what BikeFlights is doing with their new reusable bike box.

BikeFlights reusable bike box

Designed with Amazon ISTA 6A standards to withstand multiple drops of 18 inches and 36 inches, a horizontal compression force up to 229 pounds, a vertical compression force up to 1,732 pound I’ll s and sustained vibration while loaded up to 300 pounds, BikeFlights’ newest offering, dubbed BBM (Bike Box Medium) and BBL (Bike Box Large) is not only recyclable but collapsible too for space saving when not in use.

At $149.95 for a large (62 x 14 x 7” stored, 62 x 13 x 33” deployed) and $119.95 for a medium (45 x 13 x 7” stored, 45 x 12x 29” deployed) with all necessary spacers and parts to properly secure the bike, they definitely cost a bit more than those thin shipping boxes from the bike shop recycle bin and are still cheaper than full-blown boxes such as the SCICON or a Thule.

BikeFlights reusable bike box

For me, this origami-like box might just fit the bill. 

BikeFlights Reusable Bike Box