Review: Giro Terraduro Mountain Bike Shoes

Photo: Kip Malone

I ride a lot with a friend named Charlie who likes to go out in bad weather, is often confused about our exact location, and picks trails that involve a lot hike-a-bike. A recent outing found me sliding down slippery rock faces in my racy carbon shoes, wishing for a belay and more appropriate footwear. The day after the ride, I stopped by my local bike shop and had them order a pair of the Giro Terraduros in red, which is really more like hot rod Camaro orange.

I was prepared to sacrifice connection and power with a more flexible, heavy shoe. Instead I got a much better bike feel, especially in rough sections. I found it easier to push weight into corners and pop the rear wheel where I wanted it on high-speed descents. It was like couples therapy for my feet and bike—improved communication from both parties.

The substantial Vibram treads keep me on my feet while I’m scrambling and a wide, well-protected toe box keeps the piggies happy. After a couple dozen rides there are minimal signs of wear. My only complaint is the adjustment buckle. With full finger gloves it takes a deft touch to make on-the-fly adjustments.

The shoes are as comfortable as any I have owned. So much so that I recently started reaching for them when commuting to events and meetings despite their attention-grabbing hue. Another pair in black may be in order.

Photo: Kip Malone