Patagonia Everlong Running Shoes: Feathery Light With a No Slip Grip

Photo: Greg Love

I started buying Patagonia gear twenty years ago, when I invested in a pair of Capilene long underwear. But for some reason, I never tried on a pair of the company’s shoes until the Everlong

I’m a huge fan of semi-minimalist, 4-mm-drop shoes for stability and trail running performance. The Patagonia Everlong delivers what you’d expect from that category: A simple shoe with enough padding for comfort, but not so much that you can’t feel the ground beneath your feet.

They’re also so light that I noticed the difference when I lifted them out of the box. Similar shoes in my closet clock in at around 8 ounces; the Everlongs are a mere 6.1. And the dark blue color option is a nice change from the neon and black shades that seem to dominate running shoe design.

I tested the Everlong on low-elevation, wooded trails where the main obstacles are steep inclines and roots. In addition to being feather-light, they offer superior grip. I easily navigated berms, and felt confident planting a foot on downed logs to propel myself onward. If they perform this well on the East Coast’s slick roots, I imagine they’d be equally good on the West’s granite and sandstone.

All of which makes me sad to say that I found the fit slightly wide. The cushioned heel pad, which is supposed to prevent discomfort, gave me blisters. However, I do have narrow feet, and finding running shoes and hiking boots that don’t cripple me is a constant struggle. If your feet are average to wide, the Everlong is a solid choice. In fact, I’ve kept trying to run in them in hopes that they’d magically start to fit.

Although the Everlong didn’t quite work for me, they’re impressive enough that I was left wishing that I’d known Patagonia’s running shoes earlier. I’ll still buy their long underwear of course, but I’ll now pay attention to the brand’s shoes as well.

Photo: Greg Love