Review: Velocio Women’s Signature Bib Shorts

Photo: Courtesy of Velocio

The first cycling jerseys I ever owned came from a $5 clearance box at a San Francisco bike swap. They were men’s, sized extra-small, and not especially flattering or comfortable. You’d think women’s kit would be better, but that isn’t always the case. Too often, the fit is bad, and the selection tends to be paltry. And then there are all those flowers.

Which is why I am excited—no, downright giddy—about the Velocio brand and their glorious Signature Bib Shorts. The company launched its performance-focused line of women’s cycling clothing before its men’s line. And it shows in the comfort and clean design of these bibs.

These bibs are perfect. The fit is perfect. The length is perfect. The fabric weight is perfect. The chamois does not bruise, bunch, or chafe. I have ridden 50 miles in these bibs and gotten on the bike the next day without a hint of saddle discomfort. I look good in these bibs. I feel good in these bibs.

jersey bib 2_2
Photo: Greg Love

These bibs won’t annoy you if you want to sit around in them and drink an espresso after your ride. They’re that comfortable. When my Velocio bibs are dirty, I feel sad at the prospect of wearing anything else.

I know some women balk at bibs because they turn bathroom stops into a hassle. This is unavoidable, but worth the trouble for the comfort. Once you climb without a waistband digging into your gut, you’ll never want to wear shorts again. And if you grow hot on that climb, you can unzip your jersey and still enjoy some coverage thanks to the mesh panel in front.

Yes, these bibs cost $199. But this is Rapha-level quality and design from a company that’s serious about serving women athletes. Plus, Velocio will take your bibs back if you don’t like them. Or you can just mail them to me. I will wear them.