Shoes Even Your Mother Would Love


I don’t do “gnar.” Perhaps sometimes I do “epic,” but definitely not gnar. Why? I like my teeth. My mom paid a lot of her hard-earned teacher salary on straightening my grill in junior high, so I figure I can at least keep it dialed for her. It seems to me like most “gnar” prospects on a bicycle can involve broken body parts. I will just continue to sit back and watch Red Bull Rampage on the interwebs from my couch, thanks.

So then these slick Freerider ELC shoes from Five-Ten showed up on my doorstep and suddenly I felt inadequate. Not “metal” enough. Not “shred” worthy enough. Can I wear these? I mean, I’m almost 40 and have a lot of Lycra in my closet. But I do have a fat bike with flat pedals and baggy shorts. Time to stoke my inner F*¢K YEAH !! (Sorry Mom)

Mind you, these are no Chucks or Kursks or fixie messenger shoes. These kicks are killer: a durable upper with a protective strap to cover the laces from picking up cholla barbs; a solid, firm but walkable sole that doesn’t flex on the pedals; and a grippy tread that doesn’t slip. Nothing is going to break through this skin. And they are SOO comfy on the inside, like velvet socks for your hooves. Lace ’em up tight and let ‘er rip. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside. Just like any downhiller’s mom would want.

Now while I still don’t plan to dabble in the “gnar,” at least I have some good coverage if my #rideepicshit plans start to get nasty. Use protection. Make every day you return from the trail in one piece a Happy Mothers’ Day. Your feet will thank you, too.

You can pick up a pair here: Freerider ELC shoes