The ENVE Wheel Upgrade Program Is Back, Better Than Ever

Last fall ENVE offered its first ever trade-in/trade up program, and the popular program is back and better than ever.

While this year’s program remains largely the same where one will receive a $900 credit for trading in existing Enve wheels, or $600 for other brand’s carbon offerings from November 19, 2019 through January 3, 2020, ENVE is extending the offer to alloy wheels for a limited time. 

That’s right. Starting Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019 through Dec. 2, 2019, your old tired aluminum wheels are now eligible for a $600 credit towards your next set of Enve hoops. More info here.

Behold The $750 ENVE Air Pressure Station

ENVE Air Pressure Station

Tire pressure has always been a hot topic, but getting the tire pressure to be al dente could sometimes be an exercise of patience. The back and forths between a floor pump and more often a secondary gauge plus elbow grease, the struggle is real.

ENVE Air Pressure Station

ENVE’s new $750 Air Pressure Station, aims to change all that. Made with the help of inflation specialist Haltec and packed in a 6×6 box, the Air Pressure station is a smart precision electric regulator designed specifically to meet the cyclist’s needs:

  • Set your desired pressure and inflate away
  • Three user-defined preset pressure settings covering 3psi (.2bar) and 145psi (10bar) with an accuracy of .5% of psi/bar
  • Compatible with both air compressor and bottled air
  • A smart flat/new override function that begins with high volume bursts of air to seat the tire before automatically switching to inflation
  • A 15 foot coil hose with a metal, lever-operated presta valve chuck made by KCNC
  • Integrated NFC tag which allows direct mobile access to ENVE’s latest online inflation recommendation 
ENVE Air Pressure Station KCNC presta air chuck

The Air Pressure Station is available today in the US with worldwide availability by the end of the year. 

ENVE Air Pressure Station

OPEN x ENVE 2019 Collab

open cycle enve 2019 collaboration U.P.

OPEN’s new WI.D.E gravel steed is getting all the buzz at the moment but the company’s forerunning U.P. is still one heck of a bike to reckon with.

The OPEN x ENVE collaboration started about a year ago with its first limited edition that drew its palette from the mountains around Moab in Southern Utah. Now the two firms are back at it again bringing yet another limited edition U.P., nicknamed the “winter edition” to pay homage to the Swiss Alps where the OPEN was born.

open cycle enve 2019 collaboration U.P. Winter edition

Only 60 are available now for $3790 USD/EUR. You’ll get a frame, fork, headset, ENVE G-Series components (bar, stem, seat post), seat tube collar, front & rear Carbon-Ti thru-axle, 2 derailleur hangers, 1 front derailleur mount, 3 MultiStops (2x, 1x, Di2), chainstay cable exit, BB guide, cable liners, noise-reduction foam sleeves, and of course, a manual.


Lifetime Incident Protection From ENVE

Sh*t happens. Botched landings, driving your car into the garage with the bike still on the roof rack… the list goes on.

Now here’s some good news. As long you are the original owner of your ENVE Composites products… bars, hoops, all of them, the newly announced lifetime, no-questions-asked incident protection has got you covered.

How about that for some extra peace of mind?

All the details are here.

ENVE Announces SES 3.4 AR


It was really just a matter of time for ENVE to add more to the SES AR line up since the arrival of the SES 4.5 three years ago, and the disc-only SES 3.4 is finally here.

In what was then controversial but is now the norm, the 3.4 continues the trend of wider rims with the 3.4’s aerodynamics being optimized with 28-32mm tubeless tires.


The differences, besides the obvious shallower rim at 39mm front and 43mm rear rim height, is that the rims are now disc only and features ENVE’s own Wide Hookless Bead Technology borrowed from its mountain bike and gravel line.


The SES 3.4 AR is available today as complete wheels with your choice of ENVE alloy disc or Industry i9 Torch hubs for $2,550, or Chris King R45 disc hubs at $3,200. The rims are $975 a pop if you’d like to build your own.


ENVE M-Series Wheels To Come Standard With Industry Nine Hubs

ENVE M-Series Industry Nine Hydra

Industry Nine dropped their latest mountain bike hub, the six-pawl, 690-point engagement Hydra hub merely days ago, and now ENVE has just announced they’re going to spec these North Carolina-made gems as their base hub offering for the M-Series wheelsets moving forward. 

ENVE M-Series Industry Nine Hydra

It’s much more than just an all-American partnership and that nearly instantaneous .52 degree engagement angle. Each I9 spec’d ENVE wheelset will also be $430 cheaper @ $2,550 per set now as they begin to ship this week. Can you say a win-win?

ENVE M-Series Industry Nine Hydra

New ENVE Film Is Coming

ENVE makes some of the most lust-worthy carbon bits around town, but they are also into filmmaking too.

Shared Territory is the carbon firm’s upcoming film and it follows cyclists Remi McManus and Justin Balog on their journey to Iceland. Yes, the Iceland.

The full release is pending but here’s the beautifully made trailer.

New ENVE Gravel Bits


First came the G23 and G27 wheels for the gravel-oriented. Now ENVE is upping the ante further with the new G-series handlebar and fork designed to meet the unique demands of off-road drop bar riding.

The new $550, 520-gram flat-mount compatible fork comes with a 50mm rake and a massive 50mm (😍) tire clearance. The 12mm thru-axle fork is also fender compatible, of course.

As for the bar, besides the 80mm reach and 120mm drop, the G-series bar has a 12mm outward flare at the drops for extra stability, plus a wider clamp area to accommodate accessories such as lights… or controversial items *cough* aero extensions. The $350, electronic-shifting friendly bar is available for $350 in four sizes ranging from 42-48cm, weighing 246-281 grams depending on size. Both the fork and handlebar are available now.

Upgrade Your Wheels With The ENVE Wheel Upgrade Program

ENVE wheels trade in trade up program
Photo: ENVE

Always wanted to upgrade to ENVE hoops? Well, ENVE just made it easier thanks to its new trade-in/trade-up your existing carbon wheels for their latest offerings, a first for the Utah-based composite specialist since its founding in 2007.

ENVE Trade In Trade Up program

With the new upgrade program, current ENVE owners will get a $1,000 trade-in credit for their ENVE wheels while non-ENVE branded carbon wheelsets will get a $700 credit towards a new set of ENVE wheels. Be it the M Series for mountain bikes, the SES line for the road, or the G series for gravel/cross, the choice is yours.

Also worth noting, the wheels will come with full factory warranty for incident protection at no additional charge, as well as impact damage to original owners.

The offer begins today and will run until December 31st, 2018

Interested? All the details are here.

ENVE wheels trade in trade up program
Photo: ENVE

A gravel-grinding gem from FiftyOne

We’re big fans of FiftyOne. They make custom frames and have a reputation for creating bespoke carbon beauties in Dublin, Ireland. In the past, we’ve drooled over their Conor McGregor bike, complete with 24-carat gold leaf. And we’ve chatted with the company’s founder Aidan Duff. So when news of this limited-edition gravel grinder came from Eurobike, we had to share.

Their latest project takes its name from Alphonse Steinès, the Luxembourgish journalist who served as assistant director to Henri Desgrange, the founder of the Tour de France. Steinès’ was mad about mountains, and felt that to really test the riders, the Tour had to ditch its mainly flat parcours in favour of something a lot more hilly.

“Very good road”

After some early success in the foothills of the Alps, Desgrange allowed his deputy to get creative, and so in 1910 he set off to the French Pyrenees. While trying to cross the Tourmalet in heavy snow, his car ended up in a ditch and he only narrowly avoided a frosty death thanks to a late-night rescue party. Undeterred, he sent an enthusiastic, and somewhat dishonest, telegram from the hospital: “Crossed Tourmalet. Very good road. Perfectly feasible.” The rest is history.

The bike has that quote emblazoned on the top tube, with some poetry on the down tube for good measure. And unlike their thoroughbred race bikes, this steed is ready to get rough on even the grizzliest of back roads. It’s a disc-brake frame with clearance for 43mm tires.

The wider clearances on a lot of gravel bikes means that you can’t always fit a standard road crank, but the Steinès will take a 52-tooth chainring. 1x might be a great option for a lot of riders, but it’s nice to have the 2x versatility on offer because it makes this a capable road machine too.

It’s a collaboration with Enve, to celebrate the company’s hot new G23 wheelset. They also make the tubing. If all that isn’t desirable enough, only 10 will be made – to the owner’s spec, obviously. We’ve started saving.

Read more about FiftyOne and the Steinès here.