MSR Hubba NX Solo Tent

MSR_Hubba NX
Photo: Kip Malone/

Camping as a single person has a couple advantages. One, no one cares what you smell like when you wake up in the morning. And two, you get to pack a smaller, lighter tent like the
MSR Hubba NX.

This tent ($340) is not the absolute lightest one-person shelter on the market, but it’s a perfect match for all of my outdoor endeavors; bike packing, backpacking, etc. The single person version comes in just shy of three pounds at full pack weight, and if you’re in a minimalist mood, leave the rainfly at home for a sub-two pound sleepover.

Like most modern tents, the setup is fast and easy and the burrito-esk stuff sack makes re-packing in the morning a pleasure. Inside it’s plenty big for my frame and some essential gear, with a vestibule just large enough for a pack or a pooch. I did miss a gear loft; like ketchup with fries, that should just be part of the deal with a tent in this price range.

Because the Hubba NX saves me two pounds over my old tent, I felt a little weight indulgence was more than justified on a recent bike trip. I have to say, waking up to bacon in the wilderness is a not-too-poor substitute for waking up alone.

The Elements

  • Light enough that it justifies that bacon you hauled into wilderness for breakfast
  • Perfect for one middle-aged, average-sized guy
  • Could use a gear loft. Like, “Can I get some ketchup with those fries?”
Photo: Kip Malone/