Review: Chaco Hipthong Sandal

Photo: Jakob Schiller/

I have a closet full of shoes. More than most people because I review them. But you wanna know what’s on my feet 98-percent of the time during the spring and summer? Chaco’s Hipthong sandal. Burlier than a regular flip flop, easier to put on than a regular Chaco, and they make for a wicked, and weird, Chaco tan.

Call me lazy, but I’m not a fan of having to stop and fiddle with a heal strap when I put on a pair of sandals. Yes, for river trips or when I need a little support the regular Chacos with that strap are bomber. But for kicking around town, or camp, the Hipthongs are unmatched because they slide right on. No hands.

Unlike a regular flip flop, which becomes useless the minute you have to scramble, the extra straps on the Hipthong will keep your feet in place even on a steep incline. Built with the normal, thicker footbed, they also provide tons of support and you can hike in them if need be.

It’s just getting warm but I already have a couple weeks in on my favorite pair. My tan isn’t really there, but check back later. I guarantee you’ll be impressed.