Hexlox: One thru axle to rule them all?

Hexlox HexThru thru axle

It’s a big claim, but German brand Hexlox are convinced that their new modular HexThru thru axle can and will fit any bike. Using a system they call Perfect Fit, it can replace any thru axle on the market. It comes in just three sizes: 12mm and 15mm for the front , 12mm for the rear.

It works like this: The variable length and interchangeable thread adapts to fit any fork/hub combo, with no measurements necessary. This means that stiffness and steering are optimal, because the axle always threads completely into the fork. Hexlox say that their three sizes will work on anything, from road bikes to fat bikes. It will also fit into any trailer or trainer on the market.

There are few standards in modern bike trends, and the tendency seems always to tilt towards more, rather than less, complication. For the home mechanic – hell, for any mechanic – that causes plenty of expensive and time-consuming problems. An incorrect fit can also end up wrecking your bike, or if you’re really unlucky, your face.

We currently have some of their other products here for inspection and the build quality is top notch. So while the HexThru is due to drop in the next couple of months, we’d be confident in saying that these will be no different. And we will definitely pick up a set ASAP for a proper review, so watch this space.

Hexlox HexThru thru axle