Boyd’s CCC Gravel Wheels Are Both Lightweight And Affordable

At 1,515 grams per set in 700c and 1,475 grams for 650b, Boyd Cycling’s new CCC aluminum gravel wheelset is actually a touch lighter than both its carbon-rimmed Pinnacle and Jocassee offerings (!)

We thought it was a misprint, but it wasn’t.

Whereas its carbon-rimmed brethren will run you $1,650 per set, the CCC is only $700 with just as many modern features such as being tubeless ready, a wide rim bed measuring 29mm externally and 25mm internally, and compatibility with most axle and freehub standards. The CCC sounds like a no brainer to us. Available today and stay tuned once we get a set into the office for a review.

Boyd Updates Ridgeline All-Around MTB Wheelsets

Enduro strong and Cross Country light is what Boyd chose to highlight on its refreshed Ridgeline carbon mountain bike wheels, but there’s obviously more to it than strength and weight on the flagship mtb-wheels from a family-run wheel company.

Here’s what you’ll get for a competitive $1,700:

  • New rims with an increased internal rim width from 26mm to 30mm for improved traction and handling. Optimized for 2.3-2.7” tires, the new asymmetric (three millimeters offset) hookless rims also feature a three millimeter wall thickness for better impact protection. Tubeless ready, of course. The new rims carry a 36mm external width and 26mm depth.
  • Available in 27.5 (440 grams per rim) and 29″ (475 grams)
  • The wheels will be built with 28 spokes, two cross up front and 32 spokes, 3 three cross for the rear with aero stainless Pillar Wing 21 spokes and external brass nipples.
  • In the center is Boyd’s new trick Tripel hubset. Forged 6061 aluminum shells, six simultaneously engaging pawls with three teeth each. That equates to a 102 teeth drive-ring with quick 3.5 degree engagement that is also low-drag during coasting. 
  • As for hub spacing, the Ridgelines are available in traditional QRs, 15×100/12×142, boost, and super boost. The tool-free rear freehub can also be quickly swapped between standard Shimano, SRAM XD, as well as the new Shimano Micro Spline that are slowly gaining traction.
  • The Ridgeline 29 weighs at a claimed 1,825g per set (825g front, 1000g rear). The 27.5 version is 1,755g (790g front, 965g rear). Both are weighed with standard Boost hub. 
  • Both are available today along with lifetime warranties and lifetime crash replacement.

Buy A Set Of Boyd Carbon Hoops This Friday and Choose Free Bearing upgrade or extra set of alloy wheels

The headline pretty much says it all. Buy a set of Boyd’s proven carbon hoops on Black Friday and you can have your choice of free bearing upgrades OR a free set of alloy wheels. 

Bearings or wheels might not sound like much of a fair trade but they aren’t your ordinary bearings. They are the highly-regarded, $480 Enduro XD-15 ceramic bearings so good it’s backed with a lifetime warranty.

But if bearing upgrades are not your thing, you have the option to choose any of Boyd’s alloy wheel sets. Extra wheels for your spouse, your kids, your friend… Your N+1.

The deal will go live online at 8pm on November 28 aka Thanksgiving day.

Boyd x T-Lab Collab

Boyd R3 T-Lab titanium bike

Founded in 2009, Boyd Cycling was a bike brand before husband and wife duo Boyd and Nicole Johnson turned the company’s focus on wheels in 2011. 

Boyd Cycling R3 T-Lab titanium bike

To celebrate the brand’s ten year anniversary this year, Boyd put up an online poll for the community to decide whether to build a road or a gravel machine.

Boyd R3 T-Lab titanium bike

Well, the results are in and the road bike won out. So Boyd and Canadian titanium framebuilder T-Lab is to bring a custom R3 road machine into production together.

Boyd R3 T-Lab titanium bike

Titanium tubed with internal cabling, thru axles and flat mounts for disc brakes, the R3 features a generous 35c tire clearance to play nice with the current wider tires are better trend.

Boyd X3 T-Lab titanium gravel bike

But, all hope is not lost for those who voted for the gravel bike (we were told it was a tight race). Boyd will release a limited run of the X3 with clearance for 700 x 42c or 650 x 51mm tires while keeping the same thru-axle, internal cabling and flat mount brake mounts from the R3.

Boyd X3 T-Lab titanium gravel bike

Both the R3 and the X3 are available now for $7,990 for a Di2 shifting, hydraulic disc and carbon wheels build or $6,490 for mechanical shifting, hydraulic disc with alloy wheels. Give it a look

Boyd X3 T-Lab titanium gravel bike