Paul Adds Campy-Compatible Klamper Disc Brakes

Campagnolo aficionado, Paul’s got some mechanical disc brake caliper to go with your beloved grouppos.

Paul Component Klamper disc brake
Paul Component Klamper Mechanical Disc Caliper – now compatible with Campagnolo

The Klamper caliper has been out for a couple of years with their short-pull (for Shimano and SRAM) and long-pull (for linear brakes) versions but Paul is now adding a third version with an actuator arm designed to play nice with the campy cable pull ratio. They’re made in the U.S. and come in a variety of color combos including all black, all silver, and silver or black with orange adjusters.

Also worth noting is that the Klampers are convertible from short-pull to long-pull or Campagnolo pull or vice-versa. Yay for future-proofing!

Paul Component Klamper disc brake
Klamper Actuator Arm

The Klamper retails for $208 per caliper and is available now.