More Klampers, Now Flat Mount Compatible

We’ve been a fan of the Paul Klampers mechanical disc brakes ever since Paul Camp last year. While we love a set of good hydraulic brakes, the Klampers on the camp bikes felt amazingly smooth… and looked the part too. 

And Paul has been busy. The Klampers were updated earlier this year to be accommodate Campagnolo’s cable pull ratio by way of a new actuator arm. Now, Paul is adding a flat-mounted version to go along with its pre-existing IS-mounted brethren. 

Besides moving the barrel adjust inboard ever so slightly for better heel clearance with interchangeable actuators for only short-pull and Campy-pull levers, the core of the Klampers remain the same.

Each of them is lovingly machined in Chico, California with American 6061 aluminum and heat treated 12L14 steel with dual independent pad adjustment and is available in a plethora of colors: All-black, all-silver, silver with orange pad adjusters, black with orange pad adjusters, polished and limited-edition colors as illustrated by this purple one.

And unlike the iPhone where you have to wait and pre-order after the launch announcement, the Klampers are available now for $208 each.


Paul Adds Campy-Compatible Klamper Disc Brakes

Campagnolo aficionado, Paul’s got some mechanical disc brake caliper to go with your beloved grouppos.

Paul Component Klamper disc brake
Paul Component Klamper Mechanical Disc Caliper – now compatible with Campagnolo

The Klamper caliper has been out for a couple of years with their short-pull (for Shimano and SRAM) and long-pull (for linear brakes) versions but Paul is now adding a third version with an actuator arm designed to play nice with the campy cable pull ratio. They’re made in the U.S. and come in a variety of color combos including all black, all silver, and silver or black with orange adjusters.

Also worth noting is that the Klampers are convertible from short-pull to long-pull or Campagnolo pull or vice-versa. Yay for future-proofing!

Paul Component Klamper disc brake
Klamper Actuator Arm

The Klamper retails for $208 per caliper and is available now.