Time attacks Enduro market with new Speciale 12 pedal

Time was around for the beginning of the clipless pedal craze some 30 years ago and secure riders feet to their bicycles ever since.

The Time ATAC has been a solid contender for the mountain biker dollar for as long as we can remember and for good reason. They provide excellent mud clearance, a nice bit of float and are built to withstand a nuclear blast.

Now Time is upping their game for the ever-growing Enduro group of mountain biker with their new Speciale 12.

“Featuring an all-new platform shape with a longer, thinner profile, the Speciale 12 provides a more stable and comfortable platform for mountain bike riders. The thinner body profile reduces weight as well as exposure to rock and root pedal strikes.” -Time

The Speciale will come in red, blue and grey and be available this fall.

Time also replaces their Xpresso road pedals with the new XPRO road pedals. Also available this Fall.

Time continues to refine what they started oh-so-many years ago and we can’t wait to clip in and pedal off.