Kask’s Venerable Mojito Helmet Just Got A Complete Makeover

With more than a million units sold to date, Kask’s Mojito helmet has proven to be a very successful model for the 16-year-old Italian helmet maker. Sure, the arrival of the Protone, its new premium flagship in 2015 somewhat took the limelight away from the Mojito largely thanks to Team Sky’s success. According to Kask, sales of the Mojito remained steady. 

The Mojito, now in its 10th year within the company’s burgeoning line up, was first updated back in 2018 after a seven year run. The upgrade was minimal, save for the gravel variant with its removal visor. I honestly can’t differentiate between the two generations if they were presented side by side in identical paint.

The newest third generation that was just announced today, aptly named Mojito³ for obvious reasons is a whole different beast altogether.

At first glance, the Mojito³ looks like a Valegro with less vents (sorry Kask). On second thought, it looks like a mash up, a tasteful one mind you, of the Valegro and the outgoing Mojito X.

Plenty of padding to keep it comfy ❤️

Weighing in at a claimed 230 grams in size medium, the Mojito³ is ten grams heavier than its predecessor. It has a smaller volume than the X but it has 900 cm² worth of open space to keep one’s head cool, despite the number of vents decreasing from 26 small ones to 17 decidedly larger vents.

The helmet shell follows Kask’s method of wrapping the polycarbonate outer layer around the edge of the helmet for better shock absorption. Its fit adjustment has also been upgraded from the old Up & Down Fit System to the same Octo Fit system found in its higher end models. The signature faux leather chin strap remains.

Together, Kask claims an improvement of up to 32% on rear impact, 25% on frontal impact, and 12% on top impact. There is no MIPS option but the Kask is quick to point out the Mojito³ passed the European Standard CEN TC158-WG11 shock absorption test which includes rotation impact.

The Mojito³ is available today in six colors and three sizes for $199.