The New Capo Leggero SL Kit Is Matchy Matchy Flashy

Limited Edition Leggero SL. Photo: Jim Merithew/
Limited Edition Leggero SL. Photo: Jim Merithew/

I spotted one of those tall, lean and handsome Capo guys sporting the new Limited Edition Leggero SL kits on their social media channel and I couldn’t stop staring.

No, not at him. At this kit. It looks awesome.

And it is even better in person, than on the Facebooks. Which is rarely the case.

Capo has integrated their 360° Luminescent material into the sleeves and the back pocket. They’ve also added what they call Eyelet Mesh microfiber under the arms, and the bibs come with their excellent—excuse the technical terminology—Anatomic CS Carbon EIT® chamois.

We are torn between loving this kit for its eye-popping appeal and its excellent fit and finish. Released in celebration of the 2015 Tour of California, this kit is designed to be ready for the heat of race day.

The arms are cut long, as are the bands around the legs, which is an acquired taste. But once you acquire it, there is no turning back. This kit is definitely a set it and forget it operation.

Throw in a pair of Capo’s top-o-the-line sockies and a cap and you are ready for a epic day in the saddle.

Capo Leggero SL socks
Capo Leggero SL socks. Photo: Jim Merithew/