Release Your Dropper Precisely With The Paul Dropper Trigger

Paul Component Engineering Dropper Trigger

Paul Component Engineering might not be making a dropper post but that’s not stopping them from improving your existing cable-actuated dropper with their new Dropper Trigger.

Made in Chico, California with US sourced 6061 aluminum to within 0.0005″, thinner than the diameter of a human hair, the hinge-clamp, 40 gram trigger features serviceable double stacked sealed cartridge bearings for zero slop plus a pinch bolt and a cable head port to accommodate droppers that clamp the cable head at the remote or at the seat post.

Paul Component Engineering Dropper Trigger

Available now for $86 in anodized black, silver or purple, and $92 polished.

More Klampers, Now Flat Mount Compatible

We’ve been a fan of the Paul Klampers mechanical disc brakes ever since Paul Camp last year. While we love a set of good hydraulic brakes, the Klampers on the camp bikes felt amazingly smooth… and looked the part too. 

And Paul has been busy. The Klampers were updated earlier this year to be accommodate Campagnolo’s cable pull ratio by way of a new actuator arm. Now, Paul is adding a flat-mounted version to go along with its pre-existing IS-mounted brethren. 

Besides moving the barrel adjust inboard ever so slightly for better heel clearance with interchangeable actuators for only short-pull and Campy-pull levers, the core of the Klampers remain the same.

Each of them is lovingly machined in Chico, California with American 6061 aluminum and heat treated 12L14 steel with dual independent pad adjustment and is available in a plethora of colors: All-black, all-silver, silver with orange pad adjusters, black with orange pad adjusters, polished and limited-edition colors as illustrated by this purple one.

And unlike the iPhone where you have to wait and pre-order after the launch announcement, the Klampers are available now for $208 each.


A Sierra Shredder In The Making

Paul Component Engineering Sierra Nevada Shredder collab

Paul Component Engineering loves Sierra Nevada.

Paul Camp Sierra Nevada Bike

As a matter of fact, founder Paul Price loves it so much that not only does he has his own personal mug on standby at the brewery. He also took a whole a bunch of us on a tour while attending Paul Camp last year. Needless to say, I drank a lot of Sierra Nevada that weekend.

Paul Camp Sierra Nevada Brewery
Turing the brewhouse into a bike showroom…

So it’s no surprise Paul is partnering with the legendary brewery (at last) for an one-off show bike featuring the best of NorCal creativity and American manufacturing… a idea conceived while brainstorming for the most fun way to go on a beer run… yes, a brainstorming sesh about a beer run.

Paul Component Engineering Sierra Nevada Shredder collab Squid Shred to Ed's
In the beginning…

The bike is built on a Squid Shred To Ed’s BMX frame custom-painted by Squid, with a White Industries drivetrain and anodized Sierra Nevada Pale-Ale green components by Paul, of course.

Measuring Tools

Measurement tools at Paul

Sierra Nevada once had a successful cycling team in the early 2000s and they continue to be a huge supporter of the sport.

Painting (10)

Squid Bikes co-founder Chris Namba workin it.

Masking (2)

Squid Bikes co-founder Emily Kachorek masks the frame in between paints

Rim Joining

Rim joining at the Velocity factory

Masking (3)

Almost there...

The final build will be unveiled at Sea Otter Classic in Monterey this coming April so stay tuned for updates!

Paul Component Engineering Sierra Nevada Shredder collab Squid Shred to Ed's